“Welsh’s strength is his ability to showcase the unique characteristics and inherent beauty of each material while creating a functional work of art.” -cheng concrete
Hermes Bench: Reclaimed Teak wood with raw ends are tensioned together with an ipe butterfly and supported with a mottled concrete base.
Hygeia Bench: Acacia wood is combined with a concrete base. Reclaimed pieces of teak mortised and embossed with custom aluminum tiles provide stabilization.
Green Street Coffee Table: Charcoal concrete with a mirror-like finish inlayed with pyrite and supported by a smaller rectangular concrete form create a floating effect.
NHL Coffee table: Charcoal concrete top checks in at over 600lbs. The brass mortised legs add to the girth and substantial effect of this beast.
MAB Coffee table (Modern Asian Barn): The combined elegance of light grey custom-shaped concrete, mortised with red oak legs and inlayed with black glass and steel are balanced together.