why concrete?

…Why not concrete? Have you ever been tempted to leave your name or handprint in wet concrete? When we incorporate decorative concrete into our living spaces we get to do just that, leave our personal mark. Concrete begins as a virtual liquid before it’s final stone-like eternity allowing for endless sculpturing and creativity.

What is concrete? Concrete is made of cement (the glue), sand, aggregate (small rocks or glass) and water. When these raw materials are combined in a precise recipe they give us concrete, an age-old building material.

Can concrete crack? There is a saying if it’s not cracked it’s not concrete. Small hairline cracks can occur and while they do not necessarily alter the integrity of the piece, they add to the character of the piece much like the mottling that occurs with seasoned concrete.

Can concrete become stained? Concrete like any natural stone is porous and is susceptible to staining. We use the best penetrating sealers and topical wax available for concrete to both protect and allow the surface to have the natural feel of concrete. Still highly acidic liquids can etch the surface and care should be taken to not let them linger.

Shapes and colors: These are probably the most exciting attributes of concrete over static-quarried stone. Concrete’s inherent properties allow it to emulate any three dimensional shape it is poured into. Additionally, since it is hand made it can be custom colored. Coloring can be added to wet mix in the form of pigment or after it has been cast using acid or water based stains.

How much does custom concrete cost? It varies, the more intricate and custom the piece the more expensive it will be. Every piece is unique and hand made. From the forms and molds to the custom concrete, it is a much more involved process than cutting a slab out of rock. Color also adds to the overall price of the piece.  Vibrant integral pigments are more expensive then allowing the concrete to remain its natural color.

Planters and seating are a perfect venue for concrete.  When draped with succulents and other greens the contrast is very soothing. Concrete is at home outside.  eleven39 will design your precast or poured in place planters, transforming your outdoor setting.

Concrete can be raw and rustic or refined and almost mirror like.  Eleven39 is committed to searching for custom innovative surfaces and functional forms of art.